Exap Projects Company was awarded a job for complete overhauling of 88MVA Siemens make air cooled generator in SEC, Aseer PP and successfully completed the project during Dec’18 to Jan’19.

We would like to express our thanks to the management and staff of Saudi Electricity Company - Aseer Power Plant (SEC-Aseer PP) and SULZER Rotating Equipment Services (RES) for their co-operation during the course of dismantling, inspection, overhauling and assembly and life assessment study of gas turbine generator of Unit #9 at SEC Aseer PP.

We would also like to record our sincere thanks to the officials of SEC for their kind courtesy extended to us during the course of this job. The valuable input / information furnished by the TSD personnel of the plant during our site activity is highly appreciated.

Motors may fail at the last hour. Production stops, Workers stand still, Deliveries are missed!

The pressure to get back in operation often leads to split-second decisions to repair or replace the failed motor.
That's where we come in. The best time to send the motor to EXAP. We are there to help you out from any critical situations.
EXAP offers Premium quality repair with premium grade materials at minimum time.

We are aimed at improving reliability, use of premium grade magnet wires, insulating varnish, epoxy treatments, precision balancing of rotating elements, proper bearings, and high temperature lubricants. Of course, well documented quality assurance systems, repair practices designed to maintain motor efficiency, and extensive testing protocols are among the other ways that our service center ensures that the repaired motor will operate as efficiently and reliably as it did before it failed.

EXAP’s portfolio of services includes Repair of Low, Medium and High Voltage AC and DC Electric Motors, Generators, Transformers and various types of Water Pumps. The Company is an Authorized Service Centre for reputed OEMs and a proud member of EASA.

What we do

EXAP offers complete in-house Mechanical Workshop, Winding, Balancing and Test Capabilities which allows us to offer fast turnaround. We repair the most critical motors upto 13.8 KV, both 50 and 60 Hz. Our services include electrical and mechanical rehabilitation for all kinds of electric machines irrespective of their type and make. EXAP offers a wide range of services for low-voltage AC Motors, Stators and Rotors along with repair and rewinding of machines rating from single phase voltage to 660 volt at 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

What you gain

Making use of our team’s extensive experience and sound expertise, we provide the following services:

  • Specialised electrical rewinding and refurbishments of all types of Electrical machines.
  • Industrial electrical services, including Condition Monitoring of Motors, Generators and Transformers.
  • On site repairing works, includes overhauling, retrofitting, alignment of Motors etc.
  • Repairing industrial Water pumps.

Also Value added services like:

  • Repair of Stator Body
  • Metalizing & Machining of Shaft
  • Replacement of broken shaft with new one without damaging the rotor/armature
  • Re-lining of White Metal Bearings
  • Manufacturing of New shell Bearings ( White metal Bearings).
  • Repair of Housings, End-shields and other assembly components
  • Repair/fabrication of Impeller, Heat-exchanger and other components.
  • Repair/Replacement of Cooling tubes (if Required)
  • New Lamination /Re-staggering.
  • Manufacturing new Slip Rings.
  • Manufacturing of New Commutators.

We offer following online & Offline test services along with detailed analysis.


  • Online Partial Discharge testing
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Current Signature Analysis
  • Infrared Survey
  • Stator Winding Vibration Monitoring
  • Rotor winding fault (Shorted turn) detector
  • Generator Condition Monitors (GCM) for Hydrogen Cooled Machines
  • Temperature Monitoring


  • Partial discharge Analysis
  • Corona probe test
  • Capacitance and power factor / tan delta testing
  • Insulation resistance , polarization index and DC Absorption test
  • Winding Resistance and Impedance measurements
  • Electromagnetic core imperfection detection test (ELCID)
  • Rated Core Flux test
  • Core bolt tightness check
  • DC High voltage step / ramp test
  • AC hipot and DC Hipot
  • Surge test
  • End winding impact test and modal analysis test
  • Wedge Mapping
  • Coil contact resistance test
  • Recurrent surge oscillograph (RSO)
  • Exciter and PMG tests
  • RTDs and Diode tests
  • Visual inspection
  • Endoscopic Inspection
  • Winding circuit analysis(WCA)